Information regarding version 3.0 of the ‘scope, will be coming soon.

This is a project that’s been under development since 2011.  It’s been awarded art grants for Transformus 2013 and 2014, and PEX Summer Festival 2014.  2015 has been spent coming up with plans for version 3.0.

  • working on v2.0 in the shop

For 2016, Lauren Raske from 7textures and I are creating a unique interactive and participant-driven project using a very large scale kaleidoscope.  We have been accepted through a Letter of Intent process to participate in the full Burning Man Art Grant Application, which is due at the end of January.
“The ‘Light Oasis’ is an intimate shade experiment of presence and absence of light in an evolving and curious program. A combination of built structures, kinetic sculptures, and R&D color shadow props enable the transformation of one’s landscape through an exploration of perspective and engagement.”